Sky Servers Birthday!
Written by Bloodfounded

Happy Birthday Sky Servers!

As part of the Sky Servers birthday, our server will be hosting a PvP Competition and will be hosting a raid event themed around the day as well. The date for these events will be on the weekend of the 22nd January!

PvP Competition!

The PvP Competition will follow the same rules that it always has, as an officially held tournament. There will be a forum post going up shortly (If it's already up, please check the forums!) that will be details the rules and what will be happening. We hope to see you all there, and goodluck to all contestants!

Raid Event!

The Raid Event will have a location that is known to everyone and will be a medium difficulty raid to get into with some birthday goodies. Goodluck to all players that will be participating in it, we're hoping that it will be packed with a lot of PvP interactions so make sure you get there any kill any enemies that are lurking around :D