Sky Servers Events
Written by Mr.Clown Steevie Steev_93

Welcome to the SkyServers Events! Today Steev_93 has become the Server Manager for the Server! While RedCardKatarina has taken the place of Staff Manager, we wish them both luck!

As you may no, Skyblock Wars has been under some maintance, we are pleased to say this is work well and has been released offically now!

What is Sky Block Wars:

Sky Block Wars is a plugin that allows players to go head to head on a small/medium/large sky-blocks. It is a fully automated from the maps you get to play on, to the perks that gets included! so head on over in the hub simply type "/Server Skywars" and fight to surive

Staff Applications:

Want to become a staff member on Events? RedCardKatarina & Steev_93 are always looking for some dedicated players so we can form a strong, active staff team. We have the applications open to all players but what we look for in the application, also looks on you in-game performance, you can apply here!

Some Staff changes are happening this week, so keep an eye out :)


As you know Redstone is currently under watch, after some thoughts to gain Redstone access you must now vote every 24 hours for Access.Will keep you updated about this


With Redstone back in the Picture, some Challanges may changed, even if you have completed them. The Challanges will need to be re-completed in order to gai access. With this, more challanges will be added hoping to have over 100 challanges for user's giving them more Rewards! This should happen within next week or 2.