Sky Servers Feed the Beast Build Comp!!!

Jordza and Nitro, in the eve of the new found work of helping to maintain the peace across the lands of Feed the Beast Sky Servers, are held short as they realise that they have no fortress to conduct their daily duties from. They are the laughing stock of the server having as they have no base in which they can conduct their assignments and missions from and have no where to relax in the mean time. So they have placed the job amongst the community to build them a fortress in which they can do all of their tasks from.

The community builds must meet the following requirements:
Theme must be either Good or Evil. (Your choice)
It MUST include:
- A special room for Jordza
- A special room for Nitro
- A battle training room
- A court for conducting trials
- A command center
- A room with a view over our lands
- Finally, a dining hall.
- Anything else you feel it needs.
No cobble stone, smooth stone or dirt is permitted. Stone bricks are allowed.
If a moving gate/door is possible instead of a wooden door or an iron door, it would be amazing. (not required for entry)

Contact Jordza or I on our page or via this post  or even in-game if you are interested.


1st Place: Elite Rank(Jordza and Nitro will be moving in too)

2nd Place: VIP Rank

3rd Place: Donor Rank

You have until the 1st of August to complete your entry! Get building :)

Good luck to one and all!

*teams will not receive rank, only one person