Sky Servers Holidays and General Updates
Written by Tomographix

Happy holidays! Some of you have already been on holiday for an entire week and others are only just starting.

Sky Servers will have plenty of events and games running all holidays long to keep you entertained!

Don't forget to make sure you have submitted your feedback at: www.skyservers.net/feedback

There is not much time left!

New Hall of Fame

We are constructing a new Hall of Fame for SkyGods, POTM's and SOTM's. If your name is missing from here please let me know!

Also, if you are a SkyGod and are missing your website tag please post on my wall.

New Website Design

The new design is coming along nicely and will hopefully start to appear early next month! There are a number of bugs with the current one that will be fixed including the access to your profile settings.

For now you can access your settings through: http://www.skyservers.net/dashboard/account

Build Comp

Not many days left to get your entries in. It is awesome to see that we already have more than 10 entries this month which means we will definately be giving prizes out.

Submit your entries for the Pixel Art contest here.