Sky Servers Operation Christmas Child
Written by Tomographix

What is Sky Servers Operation Christmas Child?
Operation Christmas Child is a unique project of Samaritan’s Purse Australasia-Operation Christmas Child Limited that brings Good News and Great Joy to kids in need through a simple shoebox filled with gifts.Every year, generous people, schools, churches and businesses pack shoeboxes with gifts. No matter how old or how young you are, get involved and make a difference to a child who has nothing. A shoebox is far more than just a gift …it opens up a world of life-changing opportunities for the child, their family and their community.
How it works:
Donate $2 or more towards the Sky Servers Operation Christmas Child appeal. We are hoping to be able to raise enough money to get several boxes sent to children who won't usually get Christmas presents.

In return you get the limited edition Christmas 2013 tag forever!
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