Sky Servers Reset
Written by Mr.Clown Steevie Steev_93

Hey Sky-blockers,

For quite some time now the management team has been working on a rather large Skyblock revamp. Currently, we see that Skyblock is lacking in some ways and can get quite boring, so we decided to give it some cool new features as well as a new start. The Skyblock servers will be resetting and will be re-released with completely new features (along with all of the previous ones). So until the reset we have decided to give player's access to Creative until Saturday!

When will this reset take place?
There will be one dates for the reset. Skyblock will be releasing on the 11th of June at (To be Confirmed). We are doing this so that everything follows a more smooth transition and we’re able to get things out and have them tested easier.

List of new features:

  • 6 new Starting Islands
  • New Spawns & PvP Arenas
  • Completely new Challenges
  • New Gamehub
  • Team Islands
  • A "Special" Challenge will be added to Skyblock as a huge feature on new items to gain!

And much, much more!

What will you keep after the reset?

Ranks & Perks (you will get your rank back when you log in)

What will be lost with the reset?

  • Everything!
  • Islands
  • Cash Balance
  • Inventories/Chest/Enderchest

We at the management team have been working our hardest to make sure that Skyblock exceeds its current potential and skyrockets even more than it currently does. We want to make sure that the members of our community are satisfied with our work - So if you wish to see something added anywhere, feel free to contact Steev on this post!

To conclude, we hope all of you are as hyped for this epic revamp as we all are. Have a wonderful day!

Check out http://www.skyservers.net/skyblockforums/m/6079767/viewthread/27413986-skyblock-reset-explanations/page/1 for more information.