Sky Servers Update
Written by Mr.Clown Steevie Steev_93

Voting rewards

Voting Rewards had a small error when I last mentioned the rewards changing, But now with 1.9 running smoothly we should be able to use them shortly.

Bugs / Fixed / Known Problems

Many Plugins have been disabled until an update is out

Chest Access should now be fixed! Please report this if you find bugs.

Custom Heads,

This command has now changed, to use Custom Heads please use the new command: /headdb or /hdb

Survival Games, IS BACK!

Parkour Server, This should be up and running smoothly please let me know.

SignEdit, For Signedit to work, Empty hand and Shift Click!

Skyblock, Please note challenges are still buggy and i am redoing most of them but it takes a long time to write these out!