Sky Servers Updates
Written by Mr.Clown Steevie Steev_93

Come and participate in some cool games and activities to thank the staff for all of the effort that they give in helping to run the server! This should go for about 2-3 Hours

Today, there will be:

- Staff v Players Hunger Games

- Staff v Players PVP Games

- Zombies with staff

- Connect 4 games against staff

- Server Quiz - http://goo.gl/SlMCJP

Make sure you don't  forget to fill in a book thanking a staff member? Write a book to them! Once you have written a message to thank the staff you can drop it off at /warp bookdrop


Today with Staff Appreciation Day, there has been a new staff rank released!

SuperMod: SecretSociopath and Argentino666

Mod: Josh9722, seanmichael114, and CominTHRU

Helpers: XAnna_Dah_PandaX, CCamoCCow, Vacivity, wackkojackooR