Sky Servers weekend events!
Written by Been7770

This weekend we will have two events running. They will be run periodically throughout the weekend. Small cash prizes will be awarded to winners of events. These events will also continue to run periodically after this weekend!

Boat Wars
The aim of this event is to kill the other competitors and be the last person standing. You have a bow and 32 arrows, the winner receives $150 ingame money! Races will be run all weekend long!

Horse Races
Horse racing! Simply finish the track first. Races will be held in the recently built arena by the Sky Inspire team! Races will be run all weekend long!
1st place will receive $100 - ingame money2nd place will receive $40 - ingame money
The person with the fastest time at the end of the weekend will receive an extra cash prize!

Also congratulations to ImThatGuyYouSaw on his 1 year anniversary as Super Admin!