Skyblock 1.9
Written by Mr.Clown Steevie Steev_93

1.9 News and Updates

A FAQ To Commonly Asked Questions Ingame

Is the End enabled?

No, it may be intime but at this stage it currently won't

When will the End be enabed?

No ETA at the moment but it will be enabled

How do I get Elytra wings then?

There will soon be many types floating around! at this stage Last months winner of Chat Reaction (bcClonEd) will be the first to have one!

But Elytra are an important part of the game!

No, they are in very "limited" supply in the End, therefor is now the most expensive item in Skyblock

What about the other End items such as dragon's breath, head ect?

Some more 1.9 items will be added the market soon, comment below what you would like to see

Why is the server lagging?

1.9 is not great, it has only just come out. Give it time

Voting rewards

Will be changing to 1.9 items in next 24 hours, Comment below with what type of voting rewards you may like to see

Why is 1.9 PVP so terrible?

Unfortunately it's what got released in Minecraft updateds which i can not control Why has redstone stopped working?


Redsone may have stopped working on your islands, check your machines How many more questions are here to read in this news post?

Bugs and Known Problems

Many Plugins have been disabled until an update is out

Holographics displays are pretty glitchy

Redstone and Hoppers in General

Chest access, be careful i wont replace items

Custom Heads

Survival Games

Parkour Server

Beacon Effects