Skyblock Updates
Written by Mr.Clown Steevie Steev_93

Hello Skyblock People!

I am really sorry for the lack of updates on plugin changes! Now for some updates this may be long! :L


This months build competition will be based on the theme: Halloween.

Build Competition Entries

For those wanting to be entered into the competition you will need to provide; your in-game name, photos of the build and where it is. Also a small description of the build.

Please post your entries here: https://goo.gl/kgZoeF


Due to the overwelling mob's on island's we have brought in a new plugin which MergesMobs together allowing a more easier way to farm. At the moment with this there's a few bugs and villagers and Sheep have been removed for now till these bugs can be fixed. This is sure to reduce lag on your island and others!

Chestshop & Warp's

Anyone who now has ChestShop may set there own warp! If you have brought ChestShopo you have been given a limit of 1 warp per person.

Having this you can manage/update/delete/create any warp names. Simply type /warp create <name>

All other warp's will be delete soon, to access these please use /ewarp <warpname> at this present time

**Abusing this will remove you permission to create warps, Including offensive names


XPKeeper will be removed tonight, i have given more then 3 week for user's to remove there sign's anyone left with XP i'll try my best to help them with this

Punishment Guidlines

Please see the updated punishment guidlines in the Skyblock/Event Report Forms

SkyServers Feedback Winner

The winner of the $100 Perk voucher is Phluffington

SS Reaction

So we thought to give user's some fun in chat, have a look at the "SS Reaction" Minigame. Winner get's $150

Perk & Rank Changes

We have decided to bring out a new rank called "Immortal" also have updated all the ranks so each rank you get your own kit! Check out www.skyservers.net/eranks

Thanks Peeps!