Skyblock Updates
Written by Mr.Clown Steevie Steev_93

What has changed in this update:

  • Skyblock Nether has been reset
  • Island Protection Settings for Visitors

Island owners can have the ability to change some setting using /island settings with the

  • VIP > Allowing visitors to use Gates, Pressure Plates, Doors and Lever/Buttons
  • Executive > Allowing visitors to Place and Break blocks

** We have allowed these setting's for the Owners of the island to choose. Staff will take no actions if you forget to turn them off.

  • Challanges have been adjusted and fixed.
  • Spawn limits
  • The spawn limits have changed for the following:
  • Monster Limit = 80
  • Animal Limit = 50
  • Water Animal Limit = 15
  • Villager Limit = 25