Some Updates & Christmas Sale!!
Written by Xgoldenman16X

Hello Everyone!

We are extremely sorry for the lack of news posts recently. Imortalshard and I have been extremely busy. Imortal has been busy with his life and I have been busy passing year 12 and my course that'll help me get a good job. All this might have taken time away from out plans for prison but it has actually helped us reflect on our goals. More about this further down.

Christmas Sale!

Since it is nearly Christmas, the new year and since we have not done a sale is a long time, we are finally doing one! This sale will make everything in the prison online store 40% off from the 19th of December to the 5th of January! Make sure to make the most of this sale while it is on! :)

Operation Resurrection!

Almost a week ago now in the prison forums I posted a topic on the above. So far some awesome questions have been asked and answered! So please follow the link at the end of this post to read up on the future of prison and post any ideas or questions!

Now this may sound like a bad move but we have slowed on working on new prison blocks to create our new project that we hope will be live late January or early February. These dates are not set in stone as our lives are starting to take shape in the real world. We promise you though that this will be an experience that will be new and fun for all players! We will still improve the current prison but our main focus is project resurrection.

This is a small but informational news post to help you players understand that we are still around and have something huge in the works! If you have any suggestions for the the current prison, please let us know still!

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