Staff Applications: Donation policy removal
Written by LeprechaunMagic

Hello SkyServers Creative players, after considering a thread created by a few players & reading the dicussion between players, I have decided it would be in our interest to remove the donation policy for becoming staff.

This means that applications will now be available to all players regardless of their rank, this process will be used to create a larger staff team and a bigger, stronger community/playerbase for the server.

The staff team is already a strong base of responsible players, the policy in no way ripped away staff from the server, however this gives players with financial difficulties or other personal circumstances a chance to apply for staff and opens it up to more players looking to climb the staff ranks. This doesn't mean that donations are not important, they are cruical to the servers survival and anyone who donates is incredibly appreciated, however this will NOT bias my decision.

To donate visit the donation page HERE with all new ranks and donor benefits

This policy could potentially be reinforced in the future. However, I am always happy to try something new, enjoy.