Staff Changes
Written by Buckets_of_Frogs

Hey all, Red here.

I have decided to resign, so this is my last staff set of staff changes.

Server Manager: Steev_93

Staff Manager: Steev_93, for now.

Admin: TheVenomousCow, xzotic713, Argentino, CominTHRU, ServerMum

Supermod: XAnna_Dah_PandaX, Vreiture

Mod: xX_Unknown_ID_Xx, TitanGod_, King_Johno, Josh9722

Helper: LittleMissTalker, Bleze18, AngelBlossom, Blutifulgirl, WhyNotTony, TicTac_Ace

It has been a good few years. I will pop in every now and then to check in on everyone.