1.20.6 - Survival Reset
Written by Tomographix

So late last year, it appeared that 1.20.5 was scheduled for an early 2024 release date (Jan / Feb). As a result, we held off doing a map reset for the Survival server. Come late April and 1.20.5 has finally released with a number of pretty substantial changes that have broken a lot of our legacy plugins thanks to a Java version change and new formats for a variety of things. This has meant that updating to 1.20.5/6 has not been even remotely easy to the extent that many important plugins have decided to skip 1.20.6 and wait for 1.21.

Either way, we don't like giving up here at Sky Servers and so we will be updating to 1.20.6 with a map reset this Saturday.

[!] What gets reset

Homes, Builds, Balances, Inventory, Echests and Virtual Chests are all wiped. The only things that will remain will be your perks and your rank. A fresh start for everyone!

[!] Build Transfers

Are available for $15 aud. Please head to #build-transfers and fill out the template to submit your build to be checked. Either sxjx or myself will get back to you on whether it qualifies for a transfer, as no larger than /warp shop will be copied over. Be mindful that all valuables and chests will also be removed.

[!] Item Transfers

Are being offered for the new map! No valuables or regular microblocks from voteparties are going to be transferred. A list of items can be seen below:

  • Written Books
  • Monthly Cards > The image for these won't transfer, but the map with the name and lore will remain.
  • Monthly Sale Items
  • Pride Kit Items
  • Birthday Kit Items
  • Event Trophies & Rewards - e.g BuildOff Trophies
  • Other Collectibles from events/holidays
Items such as the Dragon Slasher, Bunny Blade, Bunnie Booties & Birthday Items will be allowed.

To organise your item transfer, please set up chests with all the items you wish to transfer. Please set a home/warp there, and then post the warp/name in #item-transfers . Items that can't be transferred will be left in your chests. All acceptable ones will be taken so they can be copied over. If you have any questions, please feel free to pm sxjx!  Please do not use the channels for off-topic or other server discussions. They are to be used only to supply information relating to build or item transfers.

~ Tomographix