Team Speak 3 Server
Written by Tomographix

We have a new Team Speak 3 server that will be used by all 7 servers. There are dedicated channels for each server. Please let me know if you believe there should be a channel added.
Connection Info: ts36.gameservers.com:9445Nickname: Your Minecraft usernamePassword: None
On a side-note we are working hard to fix the server downtime. However being FTB this is often not easy and requires many hours of hard work from our server admins. To help us in this process please do not spam the shoutbox saying the server is down if someone has already posted it, or PM us asking to get the server back up. By the time you get around 10 of these messages it gets very annoying.
Please thank the server techs, especially Zombyte for all of their hard work.