Tekkit - Whats happened over the past few weeks?

Hello everyone, SM ~Aussie here to fill in the gaps on the events which have struck our server over the past few weeks.I will be touching base on several important topics, they are the following:
1. Staff abuse
2. The recent server upgrade
3. New server rules4. The new staff that we now have

Lets start shall we...

Staff Abuse:Is a big no-no! I have been watching all of the reports I am receiving every day and I am very hurt by the amount of Staff abuse, sexism towards several staff members & racism that is going around the server.This is not acceptable, especially in regards to the sexism that is going on!As you all know, we have a Lady Admin on our staff team, and I am fed up with the amount of bullying she is receiving from the player base, this needs to stop! Or players will be banned permanently for staff abuse, laying down the law from now on. No Sexism, Staff abuse or Racism of any kind, if this stuff continues to happen, their will be punishments, and not light punishments.
The new Server node!A lot of you will have noticed that we have a fresh, new server to play with, and a lot of our lag issues have been fixed, in the near future I am looking into un-banning the moon for donators like it was before, but this will be done in my own time, and if I am pressured it will take even longer to test!So please, be patient, this will not happen over night, a lot of testing needs to be done first.
Proposing new Server Rules:Over the past few weeks, we have received a lot of new players, and the amount of issues staff are having to deal with have increased majorly, this is all well & good, but I will be editing the rules list so that their is no loop holes for players to slide through if they get punished for a few of the following issues:
At the moment, those 5 things are plaguing our server, and it is time to let the players know that we will not stand for any forms of grief, raiding, stealing & theft, even if its not claimed, you don't touch it!
The new Staff:I would like everyone to welcome Blitz back to the Admin team, hes working hard & is trying to do the best he can to help everyone. So please, if you see Blitz online, say a friendly hello, I am sure he will be grateful. Also adding to this list, please welcome SuperG33K to the Mod Team.

Proposed Changes to the Server Market:
Over the next few days, I will be looking into the server market & making additions to it, however this being said, their will be nothing major in the market! Stuff such as Quarry's, Refinery's, Portable Tanks & anything that you actually need to craft with more then one item will not be added to the market.
The server market is meant to be there to assist players who are starting out & be a basic source of income for new players, it will not become a super-mall & I will not be allowing it to compete with the Player markets which we already have setup by players on the server.

Thank-you for reading this post, be assured that the Tekkit Staff Team is working around the clock to cater for your needs, wants & requirements.

SM ~Aussie & the Tekkit Staff Team