Tekkit Info Update
Written by ~ mrfrase3

Hey guys
Update!!! ~~~ The new player mall Has been released along with two new perks! The chest shop perk and also the /chest perk!! To get to the mall, type /Warp MarketFor more info on the new, and our other, perks Click Here!~~~
Boy, Tekkit! This project has been one hell of a secret, only the admins and a few selection of people were informed of the servers existence prior to release. Although, the original plan was for the server to be released in a few months time, once I had finished my exams and was capable of having more free time to run things. A week ago, I received a message from Tomo that he wanted the server to be up before I went into my exam period, and MrCutter took over the server for that time.
So I have been frantically pulling together the needed parts to make the server possible. MrCutter has been busy making the trailer and setting things up, Tomo was busy trying to get a server host willing to host a tekkit server and hurcoli was doing the things that he normally does. Now the server is released and you guys have a tekkit server to play on!
The only problem is really the in-game component. Spawn, market, etc... Although Boske has been killing himself getting the spawn ready, it's to big of a project to complete in a weeks time. So please be patient whilst we set things up in the next few weeks, so expect more!
This server is running on 3 GB of ram, and we are just managing to cope fairly well with that. In order to get the ram upgraded, I need to bring in surplus through donations which can then be reinvested in more ram and upgrades etc... I have set up an automatic perk store! That's right, you no longer need to wait for Tomo to come on to receive your perks! They will automatically update in-game every 5-10 min so you may need to wait just a little bit. We will be revising and adding perks later on... I am about to actually go and review the prices now and go drop the price a bit.
Nether, now like I said, only a few GB of ram, so we cannot handle a nether. But we will be setting up a market selling nether items soon. Yet once we are able to have enough ram, enabling the nether will be a priority.
ee is disabled, end of story, this will not change. A forum thread on the topic can be found in the tekkit forums.
PVP is disabled on the main world, this is simply because too much effort goes into gathering resource and what not, and then you can be simply killed by another player, no one really wants this, and when it happens, all some people do is complain, complain, complain. Once we get enough ram, we will be openning the end as a PVP arena for you guys to enjoy. Unfortunately the weapon mod has to be disabled due to it overriding the non-pvp, I will try to enable it as soon as I can control them.
We are using a self protection plugin on tekkit so you can do your own protections, it is called grief prevention and you can find a link to a tutorial on it in the site menu above. :)
That should be all for now, thanks guys and enjoy
~ mrfrase3