Tekkit Main – Whats Going On

Hello everyone, Admin Aussie here once again to inform the community of the status of the server.

The Admin Team has had several issues bought to its attention, they are:

  • Players Being Reset
  • The Lag Around the Server
  • Issues with Cross-Dimensional Travel
  • Issues with Tesseracts
  • Issues with Redstone Conduit Cables & ME Network Cables

I will be touching base on these issues below, in order of appearance in the list above... Let’s get started.

Players Being Reset:

Alright, a lot of you will know that over the past 7 days we have had two cases of the server resetting player’s inventories & even in extreme cases removing players sethomes & waypoints on the server.

The Admin Team is trying hard to work on a solution for this issue, we have not found one yet, but are getting closer as time goes by. We ask that players remain patient as we will be compensating all players who have been reset once we have put a lid on this issue.

Please do not ask the admin team for compensation until you are told by someone from the admin team that this issue has been fixed. Then & only then will the Admin team start to repair the players lost inventories.

The Lag around the Server:

This is a major issue for a lot of people, staff & players combined.

We are well aware the lag that is happening around the server, I personally have been monitoring the status of the server for the past 3-4 days & have been dealing with lag issues independently.

However this being said, I can only do so much, & it is up to the players to help us keep the server healthy. We ask that you use common sense when doing your day to day activities on the server. Things such as:

  • Keep Animals in reasonable amounts for the pen size that you make
  • Have Levers on all MFR machines & turn them OFF when your offline
  • Try to patch holes you make in the nether with Netherrack that you collected on your mining journey.

Things like this can really help improve the server’s health, if I find anyone’s base that has too many animals in a too small space, they will be disposed of.

Issues with Cross-Dimensional Travel:

The Moon! Everyone likes his modpack because of the space travel features it possesses, however!...

We need you to be smart with what you do in space! No big holes in the moon, try not to make massive space stations that will cause major lag.

Also, we are having issues with the Mining world & Tesseracts, which I will touch base on further down in this speech.

Issues with Tesseracts:

Tesseracts! They are great! You can Teleport power, items & Liquid with them...

However, that being said, we are having issues with them around the server...

Tesseracts on MFR Machines are a big no-no from now on, they cause major lag issues & I personally have had to shutdown several tree farms maintained by Tesseracts because they were causing the server major grief.

On the Contrary, Please! Do not power your Quarry’s & Pumps with Energy Tesseracts! Buildcraft & Tesseracts do not mix & we have had the server crash several times in the past month because of this. Please use something else like a redsetone cell to power your Quarry or Pumping system; they are far more stable than Tesseracts.

Issues with Redstone Conduit Cables & ME Network Cables:

They are great... When they work!

Redstone Conduit cables have been reported to be breaking around the server for several players.

At this time, we are unable to find a fix for this, because we cannot pinpoint the issue that is causing it. Right now, mine have been working fine for 72hrs & I have no had anyone complain about them glitching for majority of the last 7 days.

ME cables have been doing this as well for cretin players, but no recent reports have been filed stating this is happening to anyone.

The Conclusion:

We have a great community here, & we don’t want to leave anyone hanging.

We are working day in day out to fix these issues so we can bring you the best service we can.

All we need is your patience & a bit more time & things will get better.

Thank-you for reading this post


The SS Tekkit Main Staff Team