Tekkit Update 1.1.10 - Postponed
Written by Aussie

This is just a quick announcement to inform everyone that our server will be remaining on 1.1.8 for the time being and that to continue playing the server, you will need to downgrade your client.

If you have already done the update, you will need to delete the whole Tekkit install again because it has mod-packs that our server does not have, including qCraft & several updates to existing packs.
To downgrade your cleint:
1. Open your Technic Launcher:
2. Click the little cog under the Tekkit Main picture on the far left side.3. It will open a new window
4. From this window select Manually Select a Build & Select from the drop-down box at the top 1.1.8.
5. Click save & it will download the modpack again after you have logged into your MC Account.

Thankyou for your patience, this upgrade will come eventually, but right now, its too new to worry about.


SM ~Aussie