The birthday is nearly here!
Written by Tomographix

Sky Servers is nearly one year old! Between now and the 22nd (Actual birthday)  we are organising loads of events with some massive prizes! Here are just some of the events that will be happening.
#1 Social Media Contests: Over the next four days we will be asking questions by both our twitter and facebook accounts. Make sure to either follow or like us to stay tuned for more information!
Prizes: $20 I-Tunes Voucher$50 Sanity Voucher - Thanks to Streamline Servers
#2 Hunger Games Victor Competition On Saturday join the event server (event.sky-mc.net) for a massive Hunger Games competition  Starting at 9:00 AEST who will be the HG victor after an hour of playing?
Prizes:1* Ultimate Rank2*Elite2*VIP2*Chestshop
#3 The very first map will be returning! Stay tuned for the server IP that it will be appearing on. Everyone will be on adventure mode and be able to fly around and explore Sky Server's first map.
IP: Coming soon!
#4 We will be having some massive games of MC zombies with extra hard rounds including dogs etc. One massive game will allow you to win perk prizes!
Prizes:1st $20 worth of perks2nd $153rd $10
#5 The new rank will finally be released. This will be the top donor rank achievable on the main server.
#6 Photocompetition: We want to get pictures of you and your friends enjoying Sky Servers!
Prizes1st 20k in-game money2nd 15k in-game money3rd 10k in-game money
Post the photos here:
#7 End Event PVP: Join the pvp server to fight multiple Enderdragons in a massive battle!
#8 The sheep game will make a return! Those who were here from the very beginning will know what this is.
#9 Limited edition "First Month" tag will be applied to all accounts who registered on the website during our first month.
Over the next couple of days I will be posting pictures, stats and many other pieces of information about the server either on my wall, shoutbox or forum post.
Want to know when the events are starting? Like us on Facebook or make sure to check the website regularly!

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