The End
Written by nikon662

Hi everyone. I'm very sad to announce that FTB will be closing down at the end of November due to lack of funds and the fact that FTB's popularity has dropped drasticly in the past few months. The reasons are quite vast as to why we've lost players, whether it be staff misbehaving, lack thereof staff, the pack being outdated, lack of advertising and support, and competing server having better things than we have. Regardless of the reason, I'm both sad and slightly releived that FTB is shutting down, It's quite difficult to manage the server while having a full time job and going to college while being only one person. I will be making a complete backup of nearly everything on the box if I have the hard drive space on my home rig, might have to delete a few thousand gigs of backups. There may be a chance of FTB opening back up in the future, there may not... I do not know that answer and its up to Tomo if he allows it. I will still be working on the Tekkit server as part time support and I will continue to manage the Teamspeak server as I have been. Now just in case you're thinking "Oh I have some money to give you, keep the server up" Thats generous and all but I've noticed that taking care of the server has started to impact my schooling and that is not good considering its costing 5 figures for my Associates degree. I urge you to check out the other SkyServers servers that there are on the network, there are some pretty neat servers to play on, like the events server and Tekkit server, even check out Pixelmon.