This Week On Tekkit Main
Written by CaptainSkies

New Server ManagersBecause of the recent step down of Auss13_Sl4y3r. We, SuperG33K and Molz_Yeowie have stepped up to the position. We hope to bring a good, fun community to the server. We have made some changes to staff and they are listed below. The highlighted players are the changes we made.
New Staff MembersHelpers:LongsleevJaxPeaPanraspoutine007dsutc3

Server ManagersMolz_YeowieSuperG33Kxxjordzaxx
Mining World And Nether Being ResetThe Mining World and Nether World will be reset on 20th of December at 5pm +10AEST
Please remove all personnel belongings from these two maps by these times as lose of items will not be compensated for.

New Warp Setting FormatYou now need to apply for a warp if you need one and an admin+ will accept it and set it.
You will need to leave a screen shot, reasoning for the warp to be set and the co-ordinance.
New Warps Set This Week-EnchantedForest-Blaze

~Regards tekkit staff team.