Written by Light_Ulquiorra

Hello again everyone!It took longer than planned but the tokenshop finally works!What this allows is for you to type /openshop (shopname) and it opens a virtual GUI (similar to a chest) with items inside, you hover over the items and it shows the name and how many tokens it will cost, when you see what you want to buy, click it and there you go! Everything else is automatic and you will be deducted the amount of tokens the item cost!Now, you may be wondering: "How do I get these SkyTokens?" That's simple! There are currently two options for obtaining more SkyTokens: vote or donate!Sooo, start voting to get SkyTokens to get some pretty awesome stuff!Have suggestions for items? Let us know!

Also, the server has auctions again! That's right now you can sell all of your stuff or that stuff you don't want from that raid you just did! To use the auction, type: /auc start to have the default starting price and bid amount or change it by typing: /auc start (amount) (bid) (time)*Note, default amount/bid is $100 and default time is 30s*