Written by Archikai



Hello everyone, Archikai here! I just wanted to give you a few quick updates so you know what's going on. 1.8 is constantly updating, but it seems to have stabilized. It still appears, however, that some of you have lag issues. This is probably because you need to allocate more ram. You can do so by opening the MC launcher, and clicking "Edit Profile", which is right beside the "Play" button. Then, change the number indicated by the arrow in the image to a 3 or 4, depending on your machine's capabilities.

After that, just try & connect as usual!

Also, a few more important points:
The shop & kits have a major bug right now, so that's why they currently aren't functional.



Not much to report here, but the 1.7 server hasn't been working for awhile. The reason we've kept it was because 1.8 doesn't offer everything 1.7 does (so far), like God Mode, the shovel claiming, ect. We'll mostly likely have to wipe it, as it has 3.5 items/pokemon on it, and 3.4 is the more stable verson. We do apologize for any inconvinience this might cause. The wipe will occur on January 1st, just like our sister survival server!

Why must we wipe?

► It has 3.5 items/Pixelmon on it, as stated above, and would make 3.4 crash/not work

► A fresh new start for the new years, also for new players in the upcoming year

►3.4 will be more stable for those who can't play 3.5/1.8, due to RAM requirements


►Items won't be transferred over, this includes:


→Claim blocks

►Pokemon will also not be transferred over. However, once we've been reinstated, I will allow you to reclaim your donated items, if you have any. Ranks will also be given back as well. You'll have seven days, a week essential (Until January 8th) to inbox Archikai your stuff!

If you have any questions, feel free to post here, or inbox me!