Written by Tomographix

Hello everyone!Just a little update on things.We have now been up for over a month! Thank you everyone for your help with this.
Creator RankThis weekend sees the introduction of the new creator rank.I am very happy to say that Sage33 will be working with me and Hurcoli to manage this and the applications that come with it.
Changes to rules:Please do not set warps for people now unless they are donors. The only time you are allowed to set warps for people is if they are going to apply to be a creator in which the warps needs to read creator[playername].Please note that donors need to pay 10 diamond for warps unless of course they have the perk!
Home killing is not allowed at all however killing in other parts of the map is. Just as long as one person is not constantly killing another person./tp killing is not allowed. The perk will be taken away instantly if this happens.Please note that if a player tps into another persons house then the owner has the right to ask them to leave. If they do not please assist with removing them from the house. :)
Private MessagesFor those of you that have social spy on please do not respond to other people's private messages!
PromotionsAs i'm sure many of you will see Cheese510 has stepped down so that he can go back to digging dirt.I would like to thanks Cheese for all of his hard work for the server as an admin.
Many of you are after promotions - we do know this. Please don't ask for them as we certainly won't give them to you if you do. WE will promote people if we see outstanding player service. Promoting does of course depend on whether there are more people want to become mods or not. We do not want to have to many Super-Moderators and not enough Moderators if you get what I mean by that.We are watching all the time though. :)
Voting Although we currently have votifier installed for the diamond voting there are still a few problems with it.1. It will not automatically give the person their diamonds 2. It does not work for all of the voting websites.Until then please give players their diamonds if it pops up on the screen saying they have.They might have voted on multiple tabs so please check this with them to.We are currently working on a fix to this issue.
Log BlockIt is coming! Yes, i know it has taken a while but we have been having problems with our MySQL database and getting that to do anything at all. We hope to have it done this weekend.