Updates - 3.4.0
Written by Obeliskthegreat

Hello Pixelmon Players!

I have another quick update for you guys, to let you know how things are rolling and the like, with some important information.


We have hit a new high of 18 players since our downfall! This is an amazing achievement, and we hope that PixelMC will continue to grow as we implement and update new features.


Currently, the gyms are not functional and since we do not have enough players in order for them to run. To combat this, Ozzybuns is working on revamping the gyms, to turn them into something different but interesting! Due to this, no more gym apps will be accepted, and the section will be hidden shortly, and replaced by the new scheme which will be revealed later on. NPC gyms will be implemented shortly.


Please make sure to go over to the vote page in order to vote and gain awesome rewards in-game!

After voting, make sure to head over to /Warp Treasure for further rewards redeemed via the vote tokens!


Spawn is now fully functioning! Head over to Warp Heal, Warp Treasure and more to explore!


If you need help in-game, ask one of our friendly staff members who should now be active. If you wish to become helper and work your way up the staff ladder and help players of the server, please apply here!