Updates - 3.4.0
Written by Obeliskthegreat

Hello Pixelmon Players!


Having a peak of 18 players is all in the past! 27 Players is the new peak to beat! This is absolutely amazing, and has now enabled us to move on to introduce weekly events!


Make sure to congratulate NovaVoid22 on becoming Event Manager! Nova, with the help or ShipleyHD, will be reviving the long lost events! From now on, events will be hosted every weekend, which includes events such as: Parkour, Mazes, Drop Parties, and even Trivia! This list will continue to grow, and we welcome any feedback or event ideas!

Monthly Tournements will be hosted, allowing you to show your true skills as a Pokémon Trainer!


__Beth__ is in the middle of building a beautiful island dedicated to helping you how to breed different Pokémon! Make sure to check it out at /Warp Breed!

Stats Hall

The latest and final addition to spawn is the Stats Hall! Go there to view our latest Donors, Voters, and Newest Players! Check it out at /Warp StatsHall!


The Pixelmon Market has its very own weekly items rotations where every week, new items are introduced to the shop! Make sure to check it out for some easy-to-get items to make it slightly easier to get them!