Written by Buckets_of_Frogs

Hello all!

Just some quick posts.


This months build competition will be based on the theme: Halloween.

We have extended it by 3 day's so get your entries in now!

Build Competition Entries

For those wanting to be entered into the competition you will need to provide; your in-game name, photos of the build and where it is. Also a small description of the build. (Last entries 03/11/2015)

Please post your entries here: https://goo.gl/kgZoeF


Thank you for your patience! Hopefully all the issues with MergeMobs have been resolved. If you find any thing wrong with it, let staff know and we will fix it as soon as we can.


If any player discovers a glitch, they must report it immediately to staff or they may face punishments. This applies to anyone that notices the glitch, not just the player who triggered it or is abusing it.

Halloween Kit

We have a spookly halloween kit! Want in? Simple use the command: /kit halloween


Staff Manager