Written by Mr.Clown Steevie Steev_93

Sky Servers Sky Block Updates

With the recent release last month of 1.9 we are working towards a number of things here at Skyblock.

Staff Changes

Staff Managers

We are welcoming aboard our 2 New Staff Managers who will now work together in managing the staff of Skyblock. The staff members who have obtained this position have started from the bottom and worked their way up to the top! Congratulations!

ServerMum & CominTHRU.


Welcome adored TitanGod_

Titan is now taking over POTM (Player of the Month) and will bring it back to Sky Servers Skyblock so please keep an eye out here under "A Complete Skyblock Guide".

Super Moderators




Voting Rewards

As of the 1st of April, Voting rewards will be changing. You will be able to get the following chances, with these chances you will receive special chests. We hope you enjoy the new reward system!

You will recieve 1 Vote key with every vote made, + Redstone permission.

1 Diamond - 25% Chance 1 Name Tag - 2% Chance 4 Purpur Pillars - 15% Chance 1 Villager Egg - 40% Chance
12 Iron - 100% Chance 1 Saddle - 15% Chance 2 Coarse Dirt - 5% Chance 4 Purpur Stairs - 15% Chance

5000 Ingame Cash - 10% Chance

2 Podzol - 5% Chance 6 Webs  - 5% Chance 70 Mystery Prize! - 10% Chance
3 Emeralds - 100% Chance 12 Dirt - 100% Chance 4 Purpur Blocks - 15% Chance 10000 Ingame Cash - 2.5 % Chance

Server Changes

We hope to change more things in the coming days, but also have a few surprises for everyone! Be sure to comment any server bugs you find!