Written by Bloodfounded

Goodevening PvPers

Thank you all for continuing to play our server! I would like bring the community some updates on what's been happening, just in case anyone missed something! Firstly, there has been a change to the vote rewards, that being it now rewards players with Tokens for enchanting at the Enchanting Ship, make sure to head over there to see what you can get!

A new shop has been built (Which contains the Enchanting Ship that was mentioned above.) by one of my good friends, Clockwerked, please make sure to say thanks if you ever see him online! To get to the new shop, use the command /shop !

Logging out of PvP combat will now force an NPC to spawn in your place for 2 minutes after you log out, to avoid this happening, you must not be hit by a player for 20seconds before logging out, being tagged for combat also blocks most commands.

Death and Clearlag! It's always annoying when you die and then your items get swept away into the void by ClearLag, well, worry no more! All items dropped on death will use the default Minecraft timer and ClearLag will now completely ignore those items. Clearlag will also ignore any diamond related gear and emerald related items.

The map size has been changed to 16x16 (8k to negative 8k) with this, RandomTP will also throw you further into the world while still ignoring oceans and deserts.

Donor kits and prices have been adjusted, how? The prices were lowered and armour has been added to all the kits, gradually getting stronger from Donor to Spartan. Please remember that donating to the server helps us stay up and running!