Written by Light_Ulquiorra

Hello PvPers!

My apologies for the lack of updates, and for the downtimes, I have been doing server maintenance and trying to time it when players are not on.

Some updates:

The server now has HeroBounty! Just the forums for a complete tutorial about what HeroBounty is and how to use it!

We have plans of adding more features such as mob and more pvp arenas!

If you have suggestions, please use the forums to let us know!

Kits and the shops

We have kits in the shop to help with gameplay and raiding!

Looking for perks or something else to help give you or your faction an advantage, check out the shop! If you have suggests for perks or kits, use the forums to let us know!

Would like to say welcome to Nethsa, our newest Moderator!

We will be making updates and changes so check here for all the latest information!