Updates and Events
Written by Bloodfounded

Good Evening PvPers

Thank you all again for continuing to play our server and supporting it in the best way possible! Over the last few months we've grown substantially and for that, I'm here to inform everyone on any and all updates that the server is going through, check back on the forums regularly and here on the home page to make sure that you don't miss anything! Also be sure to invite any friends and family you have to become number 1 on the server and dominate over all other factions! >=]

First of all, Updates!

Factions: Players are going to start losing an increased amount of power per day that they're not logged in, the reason for this is so that players remain active and consistant with eliminating other players on the server, it will also allow smaller factions to take over larger ones that have a lot of inactive players.

Voting: Voting rewards have been updated! Players will now begin being awarded McMMO Tokens, to be used by using the command "/redeem" (Without the Quotations) to acquire any desired skill that the player wishes. Currently, you get 10 credits per vote (You can check your credits by using the command "/credits") that you give to the server. Remember that voting also helps keep the server alive and brings in more players.

Death in PvP Combat: As this is a factions server, there has to be a penalty for dying to other players, as a result, death in PvP combat will result in a total     loss of 5% of the players current money balance. Any money lost due to this will not be refunded.

New Spawn!: A new spawn has been built by our wonderful builder, Clockwerked. If you ever see him online, please be sure to thank him n.n This does not affect the current separate shop that has been built and can be accessed by using the command "/shop"


Another PvP Tournament will be held in the upcoming weeks, as Admins and staff decide on what the rewards will be, the structure of where it will be held, amoungst other things. Raiukan will be posting on the forums shortly with all the information you need, so be sure to check back and stay informed.

You will also need to apply by using the forum thread that will be created.