Updates and TnT Cannons!
Written by Bloodfounded

Good Evening PvPers

Over the past few days, we've been testing a few plugins and a few bigger things. I'm making a News Post today to tell everyone that Sand TnT Cannons are working. Not only that, but the other types of Cannons are working as well. This means that water bases are no longer 100% safe.

A few other things to point out while we're on topic of raiding, we've decided to change the durability on some blocks (not all) to make TnT a little bit more valuable. Everyone is able to check the durability of blocks by using (Left Clicking) an Iron Ingot on the block you're looking at.

Just a reminder: The End and The Nether will be reset on Saturday the 15th of August at an undisclosed time, make sure to get all yout things out of there as they will be non-refundable.