Updates for Feedback, and New Pixelmon Server Announcement
Written by Obeliskthegreat

Hello Pixelmon Players!


Due to a lack of nominations, there is no winner unfortunately. Those entered will be able to receive a $10,000 in game money consolidation prize. Please post on my wall in order to claim this.

Feedback from the Feedback Competition

I would like to thank everybody who entered the feedback competition as we as a server find it very useful to find out the opinions of the player so that we can improve the aspects which need improving and keep doing what we are already doing well in order to make the server enjoyable for all to play on!

We have reviewed all of the comments, and have put together a response to how we are going to improve the server.

- Lack of staff online at all times - We are designing a plan to give staff an insentive to stay active and stay on the server for longer periods of time.

- Outdated tutorials - I will personally be remaking a few tutorials over the next two weeks.

- Forums will be made sure to be checked daily in order to respond to any issues players have.

- The price of gold in the market has been reduced.

- Lack of server competitions - We have tried to introduce different competitions but not many players take part, so if you have any suggestions on what type of competitions you would like, please reply to this post with your ideas.


Over the past few months, we have been developing a server for Pixelmon 1.8.9 which will be released soon - when Tomo publishes the release date. As a result, only the voting competition will run this month, and rewards will go towards the new server.

Both the current server and new server will run side-by-side so there will be a choice of server to play on. The current server will not be replaced.

We are very excited to get it ready and functional in time, so please bare with us!