Valentines Day
Written by IZK


Valentines Day

Raid event - As of the 14/02/2017 a special valentines raid event will be going up which allows players to cannon their way to victory, This event is filled with special valentines day gear such as Protection 5 Armour a sharpness 6 sword and axe and much more exclusive items which have all been renamed to suit with the theme.

The Winner/ winners of the raid event will recieve a special Valentines day prefix or suffix depending on what the person wants. Which will last for one month

Staff recruitment

Remember we are always looking for new staff members that can apply for the role of moderator, Please be patient if your application doesn't get responded to immediately as you're not the only person who has submitted in an application, please abide by what is set on the application page as well to get the very best out of yourself and give yourself a better chance at becoming a member of the AusPvP staff team.

If you need any help with anything in game or forum wise be sure to message either me or xLockzx in game or on the forums as we are always happy to help, we will respond to you as soon as possible.