Vote Rewards
Written by Bloodfounded

Goodevening PvPers!

A few things have happened over the weekend, nothing major but, things that need to be pointed out none the less! First of all, the End and the Nether were reset! This is following accordance with the weekly reset of them both, hopefully no one left anything in there. Sorry if there was any inconvience!

The AusPvP Staff have decided that we're going to look over the current vote rewards and see just what exactly the community wants from their tireless efforts. If you wish to assist the staff with feedback, please head over to this forum post that Light has created to make your voice heard! Please remember to be respectful to all players and staff in this post.

We thank you all for reading and hope that you have a wonderful day, and remember: Make friends, bring friends and family, and better yet, make rivals that you will crush with your Faction!