Voting, Halloween Contest Winners + Server Upgrade

Congratulations to this months winners! We got
xXJoshOo, Voted 29 times :
Danielp7, Voted 29 times : /hat + Nether Rank - Home, spawn,  land protection and access to fly!
Madman97jc, Voted 29 times : Nether Rank - Home, spawn,  land protection and access to fly!
The winner also receive their Diamond voting tag!
Remember that emeralds can now be used for warp setting, nether portal lighting and much more to come! Keep voting and also get free diamonds.
Votes have now been reset on most of the top sites. Good luck for this month!
Halloween Contest WinnersCongratulations to the following winners.In no particular order:



All of the above winners get the Nether Rank! Enjoy and thanks everyone for the entries.
Server Upgrades + Down Time infoOn the bright side of the server being down we were able to do some upgrades to it! This includes a brand new and more powerful processor, more bandwidth and a RAID system in place for future SSD failures. Please thank the donors for allowing us to do this!
Server is back up and running. At this stage /chest, mob disguise, and any exp plugins have been disabled. We will hopefully add these back over time however the server has been crashing without reason. If your house was greifed it can not be rolledback as we do not take backups of this logging data. If you have lost your perks please send me a message and we shall fix them back up. Please let me know if there are any other glitches!