Voting Winners & Server Additions
Written by iBlitzcrank

Hey Guys,

Some exciting news and changes to SkyPixel and our forums aswell as voting winners!

Pixelmon now has Player Of The Month!

To vote and nominate fellow players click here!

Skypixel has been tweaked thanks to the suggestions given by regular users!

Thanks to everyone who posted in the suggestions post!

What was fixed/added?

-Falling Damage in the overworld and nether


-/evolvl <pokename>

Voting is a big part of every server so thankyou to all of those people who have voted!

Our voting winners for this month are!

1: Skeletoonz

2: Crackerjack27

3: VampyMadeline

They recieve a free rank upgrade! Please contact iBlitz or _sabrewolf to redeem the upgrade!

Congratulations to the following winners of the March Build competition!1st Earningbare peas$30 store credit 2nd   Dirtybirtie$20 store credit 3rdGhostcat13 and Gerbil_Boy22$10 store credit

Please contact _sabre or iBlitzcrank to claim your store credit!

New theme to be announced within the next few days!

~Pixelmon Staff Team