Weekend Events 29th & 30th + Collectable voting head rewards

This weekend there will be a number of events taking place on the 29th & 30th of August (Friday & Saturday). The events will include:
Safari Games
Capture Competition
There will be some great prizes on offer throughout these events!

Co-operation throughout the running of events is greatly appreciated and any form of cheating will result in disqualification from an event.
Friday: 6pm Pacific Daylight Time, 9pm Eastern Daylight Time, 11am Australian Eastern Standard Time (on Saturday).
Saturday: 4pm Pacific Daylight Time, 7pm Eastern Daylight Time, 9am Australian Eastern Standard Time (on Sunday).
Check with a timezone converter on google if your timezone is not listed.

Collectable voting heads
As some of you may have noticed you have received your minecraft head along with your voting. This is to facilitate our new collectable rewards system!
The player heads can not be your own:

  • Collect 5 player heads and receive a masterball + 15 rare candy.
  • Collect 10 player heads and receive a masterball + 30 rare candy.
  • Collect 25 player heads and receive a masterball + 45 rare candy.
  • Collect 50 player heads and receive a shiny pokemon of your choice.* please note that you can only collect each prize once.

Show a staff member in game to claim these rewards.