Welcome to Sky Servers!
Written by Tomographix

Hello Everyone,Tomographix and Hurcoli would like to welcome you to the official Sky Servers website!We have been playing Minecraft for many years now on several different servers and have come to this conclusion: The users don't get rewarded enough.
We are sure that many of you know Minecraft is a fantastic game and it is even better to play with friends on-line. We however found a familiar pattern starting to occur:1. Join server2. Gather resources3. Build house4. Lose hours of work due to roll-back5. Build more stuff which no-one will ever see6. Mine for diamonds! (again)7. Owners of server announce map wipe.You lose all of your work...and have to start again from scratch...
We at Sky Servers would like to change this! If you do something to benefit the server e.g. Start a town, create pixel art, help other users we would love to reward you with a free perk, in-game money and many other ideas which we will be developing and making available to YOU the users of our server.
We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas! Tomographix and Hurcoli