Welcome to SkyServers Creative
Written by LeprechaunMagic

Welcome to the SkyServers Creative website! Today is release day for the server, so its a big day! Some information will be written below just to introduce the server and the way it will run!

*Please take the time to read through /warp info & /new when you join*

The build protection system:

Plotworld -

The plot world self protects, therefore no one can grief your plot. The basic commands you need know are:

/warp plots - this is for you to enter the plot world

/plot auto - this will automatically claim the next available plot for you

/plot trust (name) - allows you trust a player to build on your plot

For more information head over to /warp info ingame!

Openworld -

The openworld is accessible by all, however only donors can build.

The land protection system in the openworld requires a staff member to protect your build, so don't forget to ask!

Remember to mark it out for the staff, and don't make it too big


Donations are all setup and ready to go. There are lots of cool ranks with amazing custom building & cosmetic perks!

To see the full list of perks and prices head over to the donate page

Staff Applications:

Thinking of becoming a dedicated staff member? I am currently looking for staff applications, so that we can build a strong, active and helpful staff team. If you are a donor+ and feel like you have got what it takes to be a staff member on the creative server, apply at: www.skyservers.net/creativeapps


Voting is also setup therefore you can vote for the server and gain some awesome rewards.

To gain access to WorldEdit and Redstone you must vote on all the voting sites provided. To vote head over to here!

Bugs & Errors in game:

Should you come across any unexpected issues in game please contact me through message or my wall ASAP

My wall can be found here!

That's it for now, please ask staff in game if you require any help!