Welcome to Skyservers prison!
Written by Xgoldenman16X

Welcome to SkyServers Prison!

Welcome to the SkyServers Prison website! Today marks the release day for Prison, Creative & Factions (PVP), so this is a big day! Information will be down below to introduce the server and how to play!

What is Prison:

Prison is a game mode that puts players is a prison environment where they then have to mine, sell and fight their way through the ranks. Players work their way up the ranks to get to better materials and to hopefully make it to freedom one day!

Ranking System:

We currently have an A - Z ranking system that the player can progress through by using in-game money. Currently we only have blocks A, B & C done because building and setting up prison blocks take time. All players start at A block and from there can enter the A portal to go the the first area. As players rank up they gain access to the new prison blocks and can go on a new adventure there!


Donations should be set up & working! We have some cool ranks with amazing features that go from trails to extra bank slots!

To see our donation ranks head over here!


Want to become a staff member on prison? Imortalshard & I (Xgoldenman16X) are looking for some dedicated players so we can form a strong, active staff team. We have the applications open to all players at this time but we are now sure if this will change or not. If you think you have what it takes to keep the prison running sound, you can apply here!


Voting should also be up & working! This means you can vote for the server and gain some awesome rewards. You can vote by going to the vote module on the right side of the page.

Bugs & Errors/Problems:

If you come across any bugs or unexpected problems. Please contact either Imortalshard or me (Xgoldenman16X)!

Imortalshard's Wall & Xgoldenman16X's Wall


We are currently trying to fix all the bugs/problems that are currently known to us! Some of these bugs like the mine reset is a bug in the plugin and we need to wait for an update. We are also taking your feedback on board to help improve your in-game experience!

Thanks for reading,

Imortalshard & Xgoldenman16X