Welcome to SurfaceCraft Players!
Written by Tomographix

Welcome to players from the SurfaceCraft community!
"It's been a good run but SurfaceCraft has come to an end.Thank you all for being apart of the laughs, arguments and the fun!It has been an honour to have owned such a wonderful serverbut all great things must come to an end."
We hope that you enjoy your time on Sky Servers PVP! NunWrestling will be moderating on it under the name of DG7L.
When you join for the first time use /kit surface to get started!
Donated on SurfaceCraft?We are more than happy to transfer your rank! Simply register the send a PM to either _Sabrewolf or Myself so you can get your rank back!It will be based on how much you purchased and weare rounding up to the nearest $5. Staff ranks can alsobe transferred with the permissions of the player.
So welcome to our community  Please feel free to make suggestions in the server forums and ingame!