Written by Grumpy888

Happy Easter! It's that time of the week again, so what's been happening? Well, the server issues we have been having in the previous weeks is coming to an end as most of the kinks have been ironed out. Our player levels have been steadily rising meaning I have more of you to talk to and more importantly more people to choose from to become 'Helpers'!

This week we have been having various queries regarding specific perks and whether they are available, such as: multiple homes, /back command, GOD mode and flying. These are all perks available for only $10 with the $10 donation pack, So if you are interested take a look, you won't regret it!  

As always we are still looking for eager players to become helpers, so if you're interested click ' Apply ' to submit your application today! 

As well as looking for helpers we are now also offering a new position as a 'Promoter' this position is available for anyone. If you are interested in becoming a promoter you must be an active player, friendly and eager to help promote our server whenever and wherever you can. With this poition there will be a seletion of perks and privileges available to you. So dont miss out and apply today by messaging any member of staff in-game or on the website. 


This weeks winner of 'Build Of The Week' is...

"Festive Boat"

Build by "DeathByBarbie"


Look forward to seeing your ingame reward on their way to you now!

For the rest of you little builders, keep up the good work and maybe next week it will be your name here! Good Luck!

Well thats all for now, Until next time.

Have a Grumpy day!