What's Happening?
Written by Grumpy888

Greetings All! Hope everyone is well this week? We must apologize for our current downtime, we are currently working on fixing some of the servers ranking issues as well as some of the grief bypassing problems many of you have been complaining about. Hopefully once this is done you should see a dramatic drop in the amount of greifing incidences as well as lag issues. 

We would also like to remind all players that this is a PG server and we do not tolerate bad language of any kind! We shall be cracking down on players attempting to break any of the set rules. And from now on shall not be so lenient with those who break said rules. This is for the best interest of all of the server.


This weeks winner of 'Build Of The Week' is...

"Beware The Stare!!"

Build by "Sibz85"


Look forward to seeing your ingame reward on their way to you now!

For the rest of you little builders, keep up the good work and maybe next week it will be your name here! Good Luck!

As always we are still looking for eager players to become helpers, so if you're interested click ' Apply ' to submit your application today! 

As I mentioned last week there is a new position available called promoter which is available to anyone. To apply simply ' Apply ' with the link provided. 

Well that's all for now, Until next time.

Have a Grumpy day!