Zombie Events + Build Comp Winners

Considering the recent success of Minecraft Zombies on the main server we thought we would hire a temporary server for everyone to play it on! The server has a custom plugin developed especially for the game. If it is successful then we might even move the plugin to main. Stay tuned tomorrow afternoon for more information of when the events will start!To participate in the event you will need to join the IP:
The gameplay has lots of extras including gaining points when killing zombies which allow you to unlock doors, gain items and much more!
Here are the scores people!
xXjoshOoScore: 8/10
RedOutWarp: /warp redcreationScore: 7.5/10
PepsiSayRawr/warp tombScore: 7.4/10
onix_qwertywarp: /warp onixcreatorScore: 7/10
joshylakeWarp: /Warp SandStoneTemple`Score:  6.5/10
Built By: Toxic_Piglet, Chellbell9 and Blaze800Warp Name: /warp ctbbuildScore: 6.5/10
lifnywarp name: /warp lifnybuildScore: 5/10
DWLY101warp name: /warp dwlycontestScore: 3/10
Congratulations to everyone who entered! Please see me in-game for your rewards!